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Theories On How The Universe Will End

The Universe Will End.

Theories On How The Universe Will End

Physicists believe that the universe could end up someday and this process may have begun. Perhaps you have never heard about several theories about the end that will be presented below. One of the most interesting things about the universe is, we knew very little about the nature and just as we want to know what happens after we die. Science and knowledge are also asking the question, "How Judgement happen ?" There are several theories about this, which is very different from one another. if you want to know what the theories about the end of the universe, see the following reviews.

1. The Big Crunch

The Big Crunch

The universe is believed to be originated from a great explosion called the Big Bang about 13.7 billion years ago. How does the universe end ?

There is one theory that was developed to describe the fate of the universe . One of them is called the Big Crunch . According to the theory, the universe will end up being highly incompressible unity . The situation may be called the end of the world .

Based on the theory of the Big Crunch , the universe will expand as a consequence of the Big Bang . However , the universe would not be expanding constantly. At some point , the universe will stop expanding and shrinking . All will be pulled back until only the largest remaining black holes .

To be able to justify this theory, some of the characteristics of the universe needs to be explained. One of them is the density of the universe. There must be a so-called critical density to explain that the universe can be compressed again after it expands.

Initially, scientists say, the Big Crunch may occur. Illustration like a ball thrown up and at some point will stop rising and falling. as well as the universe, gravity will win and draw all the objects in the end.

Until now scientists have discovered that the universe is constantly expanding. There is a dark energy that makes the universe expand. Big Crunch theory began to falter. The possibility of the universe do not die shrink.

Scientists are still constantly searching out and predict the fate of the universe in the end. Science has not found a definitive answer. Big Crunch is just one theory. There are still other theories, such as the Big Rip and Big Bounce.

If the universe is going to die, the predicted time is still about 100 trillion years into the future. At that time, the last star will be extinguished. The new star birth is not possible. The universe becomes very dark and cold.

2. The Big Bounce

The Big Bounce

if Buddhism recognize reincarnation, as well as astronomy and cosmology. One of them in cosmology is the Big Bounce, explaining that there was no apocalypse or the end of the universe. There was only reincarnation. Big Bounce is also sometimes matched with the Big Bang theory of creation of the universe.

Big Bounce associated with the Big Bang theory or the birth of the universe 13.7 billion years ago and the Big Crunch theory which describes that one day the universe will stop expanding and shrinking up into a single unit.

According to the theory of the Big Bounce, Big Bang and Big Crunch is a process life cycle of the universe in the form . Universe created through the Big Bang, expand, shrink, die in the form of the Big Crunch to finally be reborn through the Big Bang. Big Crunch will always followed the Big Bang .

The truth of the Big Bounce is highly dependent on the presence or absence of the Big Crunch. While the Big Crunch itself requires higher density values ​​than a certain value, or so-called critical density. Without it, the Big Crunch will not happen .

So far, research indicates that dark matter makes the universe continues to expand. because of the existence of dark matter that beat gravity, the universe is predicted to make all objects shrink in the Big Crunch .

Therefore, it is still difficult to believe in the existence of the Big Bounce . Big Bounce is just one theory that describes the fate of the universe, there is still another theory, the Big Crunch as well as the Big Rip .

3. The Big Rip

The Big Rip

According to the scenario of " Big Rip ", the universe will continue to expand and the rate of development is getting faster every day. Dr Mat Pier on Portmouth University explained that the expansion or expansion of the universe when it was young was slowed by the influence of gravity. However, within the past 5 billion years, the universe begins to expand very quickly due to the mysterious force which scientists call "dark energy".

Eventually, the universe is predicted to swell uncontrollably at a rate equal the speed of light. the impact of those are galaxies, stars, planets seemed to shreds nothing left to perish.

4. The Big Freeze

The Big Rip

There are scenarios end of the universe is called the Big Freeze. This scenario, sometimes also called the Heat Death or death of thermal energy. In this theory material will gradually decay into radiation as the universe continues to expand. After trillions of years, even the atoms that make up the remaining material will begin to degradation and disintegration.

The stars will grow old and crumbling, the black hole will evaporate and even light particles will disappear. Apocalypse occurs as a consequence of the expansion of the universe because the process indefinitely. The term Heat Death, which is another name for this theory comes from the idea that in an isolated system, the entropy, or simply related to energy per unit temperature will continue to rise until it reaches the maximum value.

At the time of reaching maximum entropy, the heat will be distributed evenly across a vast area and does not allow any space which allows for the use of energy. At that time, the mechanical movement of a system would be impossible.

Scenario end of the Big Freeze opposite to the Big Crunch. In the Big Crunch, the universe would be greatly compressed, forming a very large black hole. Meanwhile, in the Big Freeze, the universe becomes very dark and cold.

To determine which scenario is more likely, scientists need to collect data on density, composition, and even the shape of the universe. There are so-called critical density. If the density values ​​were found to be lower, Big Freeze scenarios become possible. So far, measurements by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), which captures the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) indicates that the density is much smaller than the critical density. Thus scientists say, the Big Freeze is a universal doomsday scenario is most likely. When did it happen? Still trillions of years.

5. Multiverse


multiverse theory is the end it did not happen at all . Because the universe is innumerable and all universe is possible into or out of existence . Maybe in another universe the Big Bang is happening right now. But it did not matter , because in the multiverse , our universe is one of the universe of the universe and still there is a " universe " bigger out there .

Though time itself can be discharged in another universe , a new universe was formed at all times . Based on the physics , the number of new universe will always be greater than the old universe . So in theory, the amount of the universe is increasing.

6. The Eternal Universe

The Eternal Universe

And the latter is The Eternal Universe is one of the theories about the end of the world, who always echoed since ancient times. This concept is one of the concepts first created man on the nature of the universe, but there is something new in this theory a little more serious.

Instead of the start time in line with the Big Bang, time itself might have been there before, and the Big Bang could have terhadi as a result of the collision of two branes (a kind of blanket structures that exist in outer space, which is a higher form of existence). In this theory, the universe was formed a kind of cycle, and will continue to expand forever.

We can know this for certain in the next 20 years. Scientists have launched the Planck satellite which conducted the survey universe for the radiation pattern, to predict the universe theory which one is true. It is quite long, but once humans know the existing radiation pattern, we can further understand how the universe began and how it ended later.