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Norse Mythology : Ragnarok

Ragnarok - The Doom of the Gods

Ragnarok (The Doom of the Gods)

Ragnarok, Norse Mythology

This term means the apocalypse of the gods and the end of the world. Ragnarok is the determination of the war between giants and gods races that have been nurtured for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. All the hatred that has existed since the world was first created by the gods will end here.

This battle led by individual leaders, the gods led by Odin and the Jotun led by Loki. This battle took place in open fields named Vigrid. As a result, almost all living creatures were killed, and burned yggdrasil which resulted in the destruction of 8 from the 9 world and few can survive.

Actually, the gods have known prophecy about this ragnarok. One of the signs is the birth of the three most powerful demons throughout history that Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel. Because according to prophecy they will kill the strongest gods, therefore when they were little gods discard them. Fenrir chained and muzzled, Jörmungandr dumped into the sea, and Hel thrown into the world of the dead (Niflheim).

The second sign is the death of the god Balder, and Loki directly involved in the tragedy was punished, Loki was punished with the belt at a rock in Niflheim and wait there until the arrival of Ragnarok.

The trumpet great war will be preceded by some sign, which is the arrival of the worst winter ever called by the name of Fimbulvetr, who brings in a period of ice and darkness for 3 years in a row with no break in between. Quarrels and hostility will occur among family and friends, and there will be no morality and justice in society.

Then from Ironwood, 2 wolves Skoll and Hati who always chasing the moon and the sun will be managed to catch them and eat them, the stars will disappear from the sky and the world would be completely dark.

Loki and Fenrir, norse mythology

The next disaster will follow is a devastating earthquake that caused the giant wolf Fenrir regardless of fetters and ready to avenge the gods who tricked him. On the other hand, Loki is free as well and the hellhound Garm finally released by Hel. Crime and destruction finally arrived.

Next is the guard jötunn "Esther" will play the harp, and Flajar the red cock will crow to the jötunn and Gullinkambi will crow to the gods in Asgard, and the third cock will crow to wake the dead man in Niflheim.

Sea waves will come by the height and destroy the reef is a sign that the great Jormundgand will move to the mainland heard his father call. In his bid to reach the mainland, he will lead some of them poison disaster issued every gust of breath will poisoned the sky and the ground.

from Jotunheim will come out of a terrible ship "naglfar", which is made from the clutches of people who have died. This ship commandeered by Hymir, will bring the frost giants into battle.

In other parts of the Nifleheim itself will slide a ship carrying all the inhabitants of hell, including a four-eyed giant dog and bloodstained body, namely Garm, the guard dog of hell. These warships led by Loki who is free, along with Hel and Nidhogg that fly to the battle arena to collect the bodies. and vowed to take revenge for their suffering during in Niflheim.

From the southern part Muspelheim, the fire giant Surt and all his followers will leave as well. Surt carrying a large sword made of fire and emit light more blinding than the sun.
In Asgard itself, Heimdall who sees all this will sound the trumpet "Gialar" calling all the son of Odin and the other gods. From the Valhalla would march eight hundred Einherjar to join the gods. All living things both dwarfs, elves, giants, humans, and gods will toward the fields Vigrid to face battles that will end everything.

Once they were all gathered in a large field Vigrid, the war began. Surt immediately seek Freyr who do not have a weapon, because the sword was given to his wife Gerda. The gods will be directly killed by the fire attack, Surt.

Meanwhile Tyr the god of war, despite only having one hand but he was able to fight with the hellhound Garm. Tyr will come out as a winner in this fight, but unfortunately he had to die by his injuries.

Thor vs Jormungand, Ragnarok norse mythology

Thor himself will seek Jormundgand to finish. Thor duel with Jormundgand lasted quite exciting, where Thor finally managed to kill the poisonous snake. Same with Tyr he also had to die slowly because Jormundgand deadly poison.

Loki on the other will face Heimdall. In the past Heimdall who always thwart any attempt Loki to escape from the crime. This battle is the most exciting because both are mutually harbored intense hatred. But both will be equally dead in this fight.

The fight is not less thrill is between Odin and Fenrir the giant wolf. The duel between them takes place day and night for many days. Odin wielding Gungnir will face Fenrir which have fangs sharp and strong power.

After several days of fighting Odin finally beaten by Fenrir. The wolf then devour Odin body with a large mouth. Vidar, who is also son of Odin, look at this incident. Burning with anger, he immediately jumped towards Fenrir. By simply using both hands he tore jaw Fenrir which instantly kill these creatures.

After the war lasted so long, Surt regardless of the opponent or fellow will set fire to the Yggdrasil. With the flame sword he began to burn around the world to kill all of them, making this world sink into the ocean. Only a few living creatures and gods will survive, where the fire was burning up eight world (Niflheim unreachable).

that's the end of Ragnarok. after the destruction, the trees began to grow and a new world is created. and emerged two humans who survived the destruction, called Lif and Lifthrasir.


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