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The 9 Funny Game That Can Sharpen The Brain

9 Funny Game That Can Sharpen The Brain

The 9 Funny Game That Can Sharpen The Brain

Thanks to the mobile gaming technology now you do not need anymore stared at the blank wall during the day. As long as there smartphone (and electricity), the departures were delayed for hours even so it does not feel when attention is focused on the thrill of the game in the smart phone. But with so many game flow circulating in the google play store and AppStore, you often get confused to choose which game would you play? Games that are not only entertaining but also can train your brain in order to be fresh. In this article you can find a variety of funny games are not just accompany in your free time but also beneficial for your thought power. Curious any kind? This is it...


Playing game Osmos make you see the world through the eyes of a macro, because you will be brought floated between small molecules. Your task is to survive by absorbing smaller organisms and avoid ambush predator larger organisms.

Osmos display the games based on the physics combined with beautiful graphics and accompanied by the music ambience. you become like play Fish Frenzy while reading physics books.

The game that will be really cool if it was played on tablet, you can get on iOS and Android.


Still remember the Zuma games on the computer? Well, Peggle is the incarnation Zuma in smart phone platform, but 10 times better. Because in addition to shoot marbles, Peggle also incorporate elements of pinball into the game.

The main objective of this game is to shoot all the orange wedge before 10 balls that you have run out. Unfortunately, the new Peggle is available for iOS devices. Android fanboy so please be patient.


In Compulsive, time is your enemy. You must get rid of 48 colorful boxes scattered on the screen and you are given 60 seconds for rearranging the boxes in the same color. Although the time a little bit, you are given the freedom to rearrange the boxes for each color box.

So imagine playing Tetris with colorful boxes. But be careful when your box is falling apart, you become a compulsive want to play this game all day.

Compulsive available on iOS and Android.


In this fairly recent game, you play as a spacecraft stranded across the dark caves on the planet middle of nowhere. In the narrow passage that you have to glide at high speed to avoid debris and rocks scattered in the galaxy.

The hallmarks of Alone... is the sensitivity of the analog control that you do not get at other touch-screen platform game. One slide wrote a little finger, you can hit a passing comet. A game that can train coordination between vision, speed of thinking, and the sensitivity of the fingers. Game that is filled with deep space electronic music (like Daft Punk Tron Legacy) is available for iOS and Android users.


Dots might make trendy polka dot back. A puzzle game with a simple task, connecting two or more points are colored using a line that we draw upon the touch screen. Within 60 seconds you are
required to connect as many same-colored many points and not infrequently increase the degree of difficulty in the final seconds.

Developers said the core of the game is "connect". So you can challenge Facebook friends to beat your score made. no Facebook friends who play this? Calm, with more than 5 million downloads in Google Play (not including downloads via iTunes) you can challenge other players randomly.

Flow Free

If you need a more difficult puzzle challenge, try to play Flow Free. A game that is fairly simple but still addictive. Your task is almost the same like in Dots but instead just draw the connecting lines, you must create a pipeline connecting the two springs until sound of water flowing in the pipe.

The challenge increases when you have to fulfill area on the screen with the pipeline without any intersecting pipes. A simple game that can train your concentration level. Available for iOS and Android devices.


There are many games out there that challenges players to test the ability to count, say 2048. But not many math-based games can be addictive.

Threes! is a mathematical puzzle game that will make you sit for hours while counting. Simply use the thumb, Threes! invite you to retrain lesson number 3 factorial ever you can acquire at school first. Do you still remember factorial? hahaha

Games that won the Apple Design Award 2014 not only available for iOS but also for Android.

Color Zen

The idea is very simple, this game only contains all sorts of shapes, colors and music. Nothing opponent and not a score, so you can play relaxed without pressure. Your task is to manipulate the shapes (circles, squares, triangles etc.) Into one unified color.

The advantage of this game lies in the creativity of freedom given to the player as well as an atmosphere of relaxation of color and music. Both of these make this game a lullaby more effective than counting sheep delusion.

Get this colorful game on iOS and Android.


Voro is a game based on the Voronoi diagram, a diagram that divides your phone screen into irregular shapes. Think just like seeing the broken touch screen and your job is to clean up the debris and then arrange them again based on the similarity of color.

The higher the level you play, the more irregular Voronoi diagram that appears. This game trains you in depth look at the shape, size and position.True geometry!
Unfortunately, Voro is only available for iOS devices.