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The 9 Funny Game That Can Sharpen The Brain

9 Funny Game That Can Sharpen The Brain

The 9 Funny Game That Can Sharpen The Brain

Thanks to the mobile gaming technology now you do not need anymore stared at the blank wall during the day. As long as there smartphone (and electricity), the departures were delayed for hours even so it does not feel when attention is focused on the thrill of the game in the smart phone. But with so many game flow circulating in the google play store and AppStore, you often get confused to choose which game would you play? Games that are not only entertaining but also can train your brain in order to be fresh. In this article you can find a variety of funny games are not just accompany in your free time but also beneficial for your thought power. Curious any kind? This is it...


Playing game Osmos make you see the world through the eyes of a macro, because you will be brought floated between small molecules. Your task is to survive by absorbing smaller organisms and avoid ambush predator larger organisms.

Osmos display the games based on the physics combined with beautiful graphics and accompanied by the music ambience. you become like play Fish Frenzy while reading physics books.

The game that will be really cool if it was played on tablet, you can get on iOS and Android.


Still remember the Zuma games on the computer? Well, Peggle is the incarnation Zuma in smart phone platform, but 10 times better. Because in addition to shoot marbles, Peggle also incorporate elements of pinball into the game.

The main objective of this game is to shoot all the orange wedge before 10 balls that you have run out. Unfortunately, the new Peggle is available for iOS devices. Android fanboy so please be patient.


In Compulsive, time is your enemy. You must get rid of 48 colorful boxes scattered on the screen and you are given 60 seconds for rearranging the boxes in the same color. Although the time a little bit, you are given the freedom to rearrange the boxes for each color box.

So imagine playing Tetris with colorful boxes. But be careful when your box is falling apart, you become a compulsive want to play this game all day.

Compulsive available on iOS and Android.


In this fairly recent game, you play as a spacecraft stranded across the dark caves on the planet middle of nowhere. In the narrow passage that you have to glide at high speed to avoid debris and rocks scattered in the galaxy.

The hallmarks of Alone... is the sensitivity of the analog control that you do not get at other touch-screen platform game. One slide wrote a little finger, you can hit a passing comet. A game that can train coordination between vision, speed of thinking, and the sensitivity of the fingers. Game that is filled with deep space electronic music (like Daft Punk Tron Legacy) is available for iOS and Android users.


Dots might make trendy polka dot back. A puzzle game with a simple task, connecting two or more points are colored using a line that we draw upon the touch screen. Within 60 seconds you are
required to connect as many same-colored many points and not infrequently increase the degree of difficulty in the final seconds.

Developers said the core of the game is "connect". So you can challenge Facebook friends to beat your score made. no Facebook friends who play this? Calm, with more than 5 million downloads in Google Play (not including downloads via iTunes) you can challenge other players randomly.

Flow Free

If you need a more difficult puzzle challenge, try to play Flow Free. A game that is fairly simple but still addictive. Your task is almost the same like in Dots but instead just draw the connecting lines, you must create a pipeline connecting the two springs until sound of water flowing in the pipe.

The challenge increases when you have to fulfill area on the screen with the pipeline without any intersecting pipes. A simple game that can train your concentration level. Available for iOS and Android devices.


There are many games out there that challenges players to test the ability to count, say 2048. But not many math-based games can be addictive.

Threes! is a mathematical puzzle game that will make you sit for hours while counting. Simply use the thumb, Threes! invite you to retrain lesson number 3 factorial ever you can acquire at school first. Do you still remember factorial? hahaha

Games that won the Apple Design Award 2014 not only available for iOS but also for Android.

Color Zen

The idea is very simple, this game only contains all sorts of shapes, colors and music. Nothing opponent and not a score, so you can play relaxed without pressure. Your task is to manipulate the shapes (circles, squares, triangles etc.) Into one unified color.

The advantage of this game lies in the creativity of freedom given to the player as well as an atmosphere of relaxation of color and music. Both of these make this game a lullaby more effective than counting sheep delusion.

Get this colorful game on iOS and Android.


Voro is a game based on the Voronoi diagram, a diagram that divides your phone screen into irregular shapes. Think just like seeing the broken touch screen and your job is to clean up the debris and then arrange them again based on the similarity of color.

The higher the level you play, the more irregular Voronoi diagram that appears. This game trains you in depth look at the shape, size and position.True geometry!
Unfortunately, Voro is only available for iOS devices.

The 7 Most Famous Pirates in The World

The 7 Most Famous Pirates in The World

The 7 Most Famous Pirates in The World

Surely you've all heard the word "Pirate", perhaps some of you think Pirates is something fictitious, but in fact the Pirates really exist. In 1600-1700, they had triumphed in seven oceans of the world, spreading terror and plunder merchant ships of colonial. They are famous pirate in his time and gives a lot of inspiration to this day. Well here are the 7 most famous pirate captain in the world.

Henry Morgan - The King of All Pirates

Henry Morgan, The Pirate
Henry Morgan or referred to as Morgan 'The Terrible' is one of the most cruel of all the pirates. With courage, brutality, and intelligence, making him the most feared and respected of all time among pirates. Henry had been a British Admiral and privateer, probably also one of the famous and successful of the privateers in history. Privateers are 'pirate' authorized by a state government with a letter of marque to attack foreign shipping and helped the task of the state. Henry made himself famous during activities in the Caribbean, primarily raiding Spanish settlements.

Bartholomew Roberts - Great Pirate Roberts - Black Bart

Bartholomew Roberts, Great Pirate Roberts, Black Bart
Bartholomew Roberts, known as the 'Great Pirate Roberts', exploring the sea in the early 18th century. He explored the coasts of North and South America. Roberts is known save so much hatred for people on the island of Martinique and Barbados, so he created a black flag to describe it. He is a successful pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy. He robs the ship more than a couple of best pirates of this era, such as Blackbeard or Captain Kidd. He is thought to have captured over 470 ships. In his later Captain Roberts was killed by a grapeshot (a type of cannon ship), when he stood on the deck. After that he was buried at sea by the crew by wrapping using a sail. Roberts's death shocked the world of pirates, as well as the British Navy. Local traders and civilians even think if he was invincible, and some considered him as a hero. Roberts's death is regarded as the end of the Golden Age of Piracy.

William Kidd - Captain Kidd

At first Captain Kidd is a 'Privateer' recruited by the British empire to crush the pirates. Kidd equipped with his legendary ship is the Adventure Galley. The ship was equipped with 34 cannons and capable of carrying 80 crew members, but then Captain Kidd turned into a ferocious pirates, this story emerged after the Kid was accused hijack British ship.

William Kidd, Captain Kidd
Quedagh Merchant is the largest treasure ship that ever looted by Kidd. There are many Satin, Gold, Muslins, Silver and some merchandise from the East Indies in the ship. It's made himself into one of the pirates who have treasure most. William Kidd was the inspiration Kidd Eustass character in the anime One Piece.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard

Edward Teach, Blackbeard
Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach undoubtedly is one of the most feared pirates and the most hated of all time. With terrible stature, bushy black beard that almost covered the entire face. He is the English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the east coast of America in the early 18th century he had a ship named Pride, Queen Anne's Revenge.

Edward known to always carry two swords, daggers and various pistols as a weapon. He has seized more than 40 merchant ships in the waters of the Caribbean. He also did not hesitate to kill his prisoners. Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach was also the inspiration of Teach character in the anime One Piece.

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny
Anne Bonny is one of two women who became pirates. Toughness and prowess no doubt because he joined the pirate Jolly Rogger, one group of pirates who are very respected. In exploits in the world of pirates he duet with fellow women is Mary Read. In order to join the trip Rackham, Anne disguised as men. Although a woman, but she also followed the war, and doing other activities should a man. Even crews Rackham 'The Revenge' in honor of Anne Bonny. Just like Kidd and Blackbeard, Annie Bonny became inspiring the creation of the character Jewelry Bonney in the anime One Piece.

John Rackham - Calico Jack

John Rackham, Calico Jack
Calico Jack was a Captain Pirate English operating in the Bahamas in the early 18th century, Jack well known for his story which has a crew of two women (Mary Read and his lover Anne Bonny) which was not unusual at that time and creates an image of the pirate flag that skulls with crossed swords, later became the inspiration for the story of the other pirates.

Calico Jack and his crew have ever hijack 'Kingston', a Jamaican ship and ultimately become their flagship vessel. Then he conquered in some areas of the West Indies, taking a couple of large ships in the Bermuda area. Calico Jack is also regarded as the inspiration of the character Jack Sparow. Besides, he also has the first ship of Jack Sparow, Black Pearl.

Olivier Levasseur - The Buzzard

Olivier Levasseur, The BuzzardOlivier Levasseur, nicknamed La Buse or Bouche (The Buzzard), this nickname because of his speed and silence in eliminating enemies. At first he became a naval officer after receiving military training. After the Spanish war (1701-1714) ended he was ordered to return home with his ship but instead he joined Benjamin Hornigold, a pirate organization in 1716. Levasseur proved himself a good leader on board, even though he had a scar on one eye that restricts his vision.

In 1720, one of his eyes had become completely blind so he started wearing a blindfold, which in the future allegations arise if every pirate identical using one blindfold.

Levasseur's heyday was when he seize ships belonging to the Portuguese that Galeon Nostra Senhora do Cabo containing filled with valuables. When the booty is divided, each pirate receive at least £ 50,000 gold guinea (adjusted for inflation to 2008: £ 7.5 million), and each got 42 diamonds. Levasseur then divide the rest of the gold, silver and other objects, while Levasseur himself took the cross of gold.


Arti Pertambangan


Apa Itu Pertambangan

tambang, minePertambangan adalah rangkaian kegiatan yang dimulai dari eksplorasi (pencarian), penambangan, pengolahan, reklamasi, dan pemasaran suatu bahan galian. Pertambangan dan penambangan mempunyai arti yang berbeda. Penambangan sendiri adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan untuk mengambil suatu bahan galian yang terdiri dari penggalian, pemuatan, dan pengangkutan. Lebih singkatnya, penambangan merupakan salah satu rangkaian dalam pertambangan.

Ada 3 aspek penting yang harus diperhatikan dalam pertambangan, yaitu aspek lingkungan, aspek teknis, dan aspek ekonomi. Jika salah satu aspek tersebut tidak terpenuhi maka kegiatan pertambangan tidak layak untuk dilakukan. Karena itu, sebelum melakukan penambangan ada 1 tahapan yang penting yaitu studi kelayakan. Sebagai contoh, Daerah A mempunyai cadangan batubara sebesar 2 juta ton namun jika kita menambang di daerah tersebut akan berpengaruh pada sistem penyerapan air yang dapat mengakibatnya erosi ataupun banjir pada warga sekitar. Dari contoh diatas dapat disimpulkan bahwa ada 1 faktor yang membuat daerah tersebut tidak layak untuk ditambang, yaitu aspek lingkungan yang tidak mendukung.

Berikut tahapan-tahapan kegiatan pertambangan :
- Penyelidikan Umum (prospecting)
- Eksplorasi : eksplorasi pendahuluan, eksplorasi rinci
- Studi kelayakan : teknik, ekonomik, lingkungan (termasuk studi amdal)
- Persiapan produksi (development, construction)
- Penambangan (Pembongkaran, Pemuatan,Pengangkutan, Penimbunan)
- Reklamasi dan Pengelolaan Lingkungan
- Pengolahan
- Pemurnian / Metalurgi ekstraksi (khusus untuk bahan galian logam)
- Pemasaran
- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
- Pengakhiran Tambang (Mine Closure)

Pertambangan sendiri mempunyai 2 sistem penambangan, yaitu Tambang Terbuka (Surface Mining) dan Tambang Bawah Tanah (Underground Mining). Setiap sistem mempunyai metodenya masing-masing.

Sistem Penambangan

Tambang Terbuka (Surface Mining)

 Tambang terbuka adalah sistem penambangan yang dilakukan diatas permukaan bumi atau berhubungan langsung dengan udara luar. Perbedaan tambang terbuka dengan tambang bawah tanah yaitu biaya operasional tambang terbuka lebih ekonomis dibandingkan dengan tambang bawah tanah, faktor keamanan yang ada pada tambang terbuka lebih aman daripada tambang bawah tanah, kedalaman penambangan terbatas dan pemilihan alat berat lebih leluasa.

tambang terbuka, surface mining
Ada beberapa metode yang dapat dilakukan dalam penambangan menggunakan sistem tambang terbuka ini, antara lain :
1. Open Pit/Open Cast/Open Cut/Open Mine
2. Kuari (Quarry)
3. Strip Mine
4. Alluvial Mine

Pemilihan metode ini dilihat dari faktor keamanan dan faktor ekonominya, diantara semua itu mana yang lebih menguntungkan dalam segi ekonomi dan mana yang lebih aman dalam segi operasional.

Tambang Bawah Tanah (Underground Mining)

Tambang bawah tanah adalah sistem penambangan yang dilakukan dibawah tanah dan tidak berhubungan langsung dengan udara luar. Perbedaannya dengan tambang terbuka adalah biaya operasionalnya lebih mahal, tidak terlalu mempengaruhi aspek lingkungan, biasanya digunakan untuk menambang bahan galian yang mempunyai harga jual yang tinggi, kedalaman dalam penambangan lebih dalam, pemilihan alat lebih terbatas.

tambang bawah tanah, tambang tertutup, underground mining
Metode-metode yang dilakukan dalam sistem tambang bawah tanah, antara lain :
1. Swa-sangga (Self-supported) :
- Room & Pillar mining
- Stope & Pillar mining
- Underground Gloryhole
- Gophering
- Shrinkage Stoping
- Sublevel Stoping 

2. Berpenyangga Buatan (Supported) :
- Cut & Fill Stoping
- Stull Stoping
- Square Set Stoping

3. Ambrukan (Caving) :
- Longwall Mining
- Sublevel Caving
- Block Caving

Pemilihan metode dalam sistem tambang tertutup dilihat dari beberapa aspek, yaitu : 
- Kemiringan Ore
- Sifat fisik batuan
- Batas kedalam Ore
- Nilai 

Norse Mythology : Ragnarok

Ragnarok - The Doom of the Gods

Ragnarok (The Doom of the Gods)

Ragnarok, Norse Mythology

This term means the apocalypse of the gods and the end of the world. Ragnarok is the determination of the war between giants and gods races that have been nurtured for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. All the hatred that has existed since the world was first created by the gods will end here.

This battle led by individual leaders, the gods led by Odin and the Jotun led by Loki. This battle took place in open fields named Vigrid. As a result, almost all living creatures were killed, and burned yggdrasil which resulted in the destruction of 8 from the 9 world and few can survive.

Actually, the gods have known prophecy about this ragnarok. One of the signs is the birth of the three most powerful demons throughout history that Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel. Because according to prophecy they will kill the strongest gods, therefore when they were little gods discard them. Fenrir chained and muzzled, Jörmungandr dumped into the sea, and Hel thrown into the world of the dead (Niflheim).

The second sign is the death of the god Balder, and Loki directly involved in the tragedy was punished, Loki was punished with the belt at a rock in Niflheim and wait there until the arrival of Ragnarok.

The trumpet great war will be preceded by some sign, which is the arrival of the worst winter ever called by the name of Fimbulvetr, who brings in a period of ice and darkness for 3 years in a row with no break in between. Quarrels and hostility will occur among family and friends, and there will be no morality and justice in society.

Then from Ironwood, 2 wolves Skoll and Hati who always chasing the moon and the sun will be managed to catch them and eat them, the stars will disappear from the sky and the world would be completely dark.

Loki and Fenrir, norse mythology

The next disaster will follow is a devastating earthquake that caused the giant wolf Fenrir regardless of fetters and ready to avenge the gods who tricked him. On the other hand, Loki is free as well and the hellhound Garm finally released by Hel. Crime and destruction finally arrived.

Next is the guard jötunn "Esther" will play the harp, and Flajar the red cock will crow to the jötunn and Gullinkambi will crow to the gods in Asgard, and the third cock will crow to wake the dead man in Niflheim.

Sea waves will come by the height and destroy the reef is a sign that the great Jormundgand will move to the mainland heard his father call. In his bid to reach the mainland, he will lead some of them poison disaster issued every gust of breath will poisoned the sky and the ground.

from Jotunheim will come out of a terrible ship "naglfar", which is made from the clutches of people who have died. This ship commandeered by Hymir, will bring the frost giants into battle.

In other parts of the Nifleheim itself will slide a ship carrying all the inhabitants of hell, including a four-eyed giant dog and bloodstained body, namely Garm, the guard dog of hell. These warships led by Loki who is free, along with Hel and Nidhogg that fly to the battle arena to collect the bodies. and vowed to take revenge for their suffering during in Niflheim.

From the southern part Muspelheim, the fire giant Surt and all his followers will leave as well. Surt carrying a large sword made of fire and emit light more blinding than the sun.
In Asgard itself, Heimdall who sees all this will sound the trumpet "Gialar" calling all the son of Odin and the other gods. From the Valhalla would march eight hundred Einherjar to join the gods. All living things both dwarfs, elves, giants, humans, and gods will toward the fields Vigrid to face battles that will end everything.

Once they were all gathered in a large field Vigrid, the war began. Surt immediately seek Freyr who do not have a weapon, because the sword was given to his wife Gerda. The gods will be directly killed by the fire attack, Surt.

Meanwhile Tyr the god of war, despite only having one hand but he was able to fight with the hellhound Garm. Tyr will come out as a winner in this fight, but unfortunately he had to die by his injuries.

Thor vs Jormungand, Ragnarok norse mythology

Thor himself will seek Jormundgand to finish. Thor duel with Jormundgand lasted quite exciting, where Thor finally managed to kill the poisonous snake. Same with Tyr he also had to die slowly because Jormundgand deadly poison.

Loki on the other will face Heimdall. In the past Heimdall who always thwart any attempt Loki to escape from the crime. This battle is the most exciting because both are mutually harbored intense hatred. But both will be equally dead in this fight.

The fight is not less thrill is between Odin and Fenrir the giant wolf. The duel between them takes place day and night for many days. Odin wielding Gungnir will face Fenrir which have fangs sharp and strong power.

After several days of fighting Odin finally beaten by Fenrir. The wolf then devour Odin body with a large mouth. Vidar, who is also son of Odin, look at this incident. Burning with anger, he immediately jumped towards Fenrir. By simply using both hands he tore jaw Fenrir which instantly kill these creatures.

After the war lasted so long, Surt regardless of the opponent or fellow will set fire to the Yggdrasil. With the flame sword he began to burn around the world to kill all of them, making this world sink into the ocean. Only a few living creatures and gods will survive, where the fire was burning up eight world (Niflheim unreachable).

that's the end of Ragnarok. after the destruction, the trees began to grow and a new world is created. and emerged two humans who survived the destruction, called Lif and Lifthrasir.

Bom Jakarta

Bom Sarinah Thamrin Jakarta Pusat.

Aksi Terror Bom di Thamrin Jakarta

Telah terjadi serangkaian ledakan bom yang mengguncang Jakarta. Ledakan tersebut terjadi di depan Gedung Sarinah tepatnya di pos polisi jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat. Ledakan terjadi sekitar jam 10.45 WIB (GMT +7). Polisi melakukan pengejaran pelaku yang berhasil melarikan diri ke Starbuck dan Djakarta Theater.

Densus 88 dan Gegana dikerahkan dalam melakukan pengamanan dan pengejaran pelaku bom di Sarinah ini. Bukan hanya dari kepolisian, namun dari pihak TNI juga mengerahkan anggotanya seperti kopassus untuk ikut serta dalam pengamanan dan penangkapan pelaku bom.

Dampak yang diakibatkan dari terror bom ini bukan hanya di daerah Sarina saja, namun suasana di kota-kota lain juga menjadi mencekam. Dibeberapa kota selain Jakarta, telah dikerahkan aparat bersenjata untuk menjaga kotanya sebagai tindak antisipasi atas terjadi terror bom ini. Beberapa kedutaan besar dari negara lainpun telah mengeluarkan surat peringatan kepada warga negaranya atas aksi terror bom di Sarinah. Beberapa pusat perbelanjaan disekitar lokasi juga ditutup untuk sementara waktu.

Dari informasi yang berhasil kami kumpulkan, sekirannya ada 9 korban luka yang berhasil dilarikan ke Rumah Sakit Pusat Angkatan Darat (RSPAD). Sebagian korban dikabarkan adalah seorang polisi lalu lintas yang sedang bertugas saat kejadian sedang berlangsung yang sekarang sedang dirawa di RSCM. Berikut daftar nama korban yang dirawat intensif di RSPAD :

1. Chairil (21), warga Grogol, Jakarta Barat. Menderita sobek di bagian punggung dan jari tangan.

2. Aiptu Budiyono, anggota Polres Jakarta Pusat. Tertembak di bagian dada sebelah kanan dan perut.

3. Aiptu Dody Maryadi (49), Dirlantas Polda PMJ. Tertembak di bagian perut.

4. Johannes Antonius Maria, warga negara Belanda, beralamat di Jalan Nangka, Jakarta Selatan. Menderita luka-luka.

5. Angun (24), warga Condet, Jakarta Timur. Kaki sebelah kanan terkena ledakan.

6. Budi Rahmad (35), warga sipil. Luka-luka

7. Slamet, warga sipil. Luka-luka.

8. Permana bin Asep Yanto (24), warga sipil. Luka-luka.

9. Agus Kurnia bin Asudrajat (25), warga sipil. Luka-luka.

Wakapolri Komjen Budi Gunawan menyatakan, pelaku bom kali ini masih ada kaitannya dengan kelompok teroris yang ditangkap tim Densus 88 jelang perayaan tahun baru di bandung. 

"Yang lolos saat tahun baru itu pelaku saat ini," kata Budi di lokasi kejadian, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat, Kamis (14/1/2016).

Di media sosial beredar video dan gambar terror ledakan bom yang terdapat di daerah Sarinah, berikut video dan gambarnya :

baku tembak bom sarinah

korban bom sarinah

pengejaran pelaku bom sarinah

tempat kejadian bom sarinah thamrin jakarta pusat

Microsoft retire Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 Start Date January 12, 2016

Microsoft retire Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10

Microsoft retire Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10

Microsoft retire Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10

Microsoft officially announced that support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 will be discontinued as of January 12, 2016. They will release an update file with the code KB3123303 for users of Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. KB3123303 update files will make Windows displays a warning to urge users to immediately update to Internet Explorer version 11. However, if you do not want to perform the update, users can disable it by changing registry.

The termination of support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 indicate that Microsoft will no longer release patches to fix security loopholes. This makes the browser vulnerable to the new threats. Although not completely disappeared, but the software is indeed states will replace Internet Explorer with Edge as a whole in the future.

Microsoft Edge, formerly known as Project Spartan, will replace Internet Explorer on the next version of Windows, starting with Windows 10.

Edge as the commercial name Project Spartan Microsoft announced during the event Build Developers Conference held in San Fracisco. Edge is very different with Internet Explorer. The browser application has been integrated with Microsoft Cortana, which means users can search only through voice commands. In addition to adding features, appearance Edge bar and the home page is also very different from Internet Explorer. In fact, this application will be using some of the hundreds of thousands of Google Chrome extension.

Another feature that relied on the Edge also the ability to share a link with greater ease, and the addition of 'reading mode'. This function is claimed will make site visitors more comfortable reading. Similar to one of the functions of Apple Safari.

IE Logo History

Internet Explorer Logo History

Source : CNNIndonesia